Trust Me.

Lhasa de Sela

—El Desierto

•Track of my Time•

Lhasa De Sela, El Desierto

I’ve come to the desert to laugh at your love
As the desert’s more tender and the thorn kisses better.

I’ve come to this middle of nowhere to shout
That you never deserved what I wanted to give so badly.

I’ve come running, getting over you
Kiss me little bird, don’t get frightened humming bird

I’ve come on fire to the desert to burn
Because the soul is set alight when it stops loving

Sibylle Baier

—The End

•Track of my Time•

Sibylle Baier recorded this track, The End, on a reel-to-reel at home in the early 1970’s only to be stored for over 30 years until her son complied the tracks and released them on CD in 2006. Thank goodness for sons.