Trust Me.

The Clown Prince of Performance Art: Ryan McNamara


Ryan McNamara, the clown prince of performance-art, dubbed by David Colman at the NYT, collaborated with over 1000 people both friends and strangers alike on a performance with no audience over the course of 3 weeks in Part 1. The results of Ryan’s endless directorial clowning can be seen in part 2 at Elizabeth Dee Gallery through April 14th. Don’t miss the birth of me via a lady I don’t know on the side of a credenza. 

Pictured Above: (The best 20 minutes of my 2012 thus far) Dorothea Basile, Kyle DeWoody, Viola Mark, Ryan McNamara, Matthu Placek, Bettina Prentice, Martin Schneider, Grimm Tate, Zack Winokur, Heart Transplant and The Couture Spies, 2012

To see more images created during Part 1 click HERE